Sunlit Memories

Step into Angela's cozy home, where sunshine dances through the windows and laughter fills the air. This isn't just any mommy and me at-home family session; it's a heartwarming journey through the years, filled with love, laughter, and the magic of watching children grow.

I've been lucky enough to know and photograph Caelan and Izzy since they were little babies. From their first adorable babble to the whirlwind of energy they are today, I've had the joy of witnessing every precious moment. So, when Angela invited me to capture their family memories, I knew it was going to be something truly special. I wanted to capture the coziness of the home and the energetic vibe by exploring the light and movement, so we scheduled this session on a beautiful sunny day.

As I arrived on that sun-kissed day, the excitement was palpable. Caelan and Izzy, now 4 and 6, greeted me with wide smiles and boundless energy. The house was alive with the sound of little feet pitter-pattering across the floor and cheerful giggles echoing through the halls. From climbing windows to finding hidden treasures in potted plants, every moment felt like an exciting adventure just waiting to happen.

One sweet moment happened when the kids stumbled upon a potted plant. They were so curious that they accidentally knocked it over, making a bit of a mess with soil everywhere! But guess what? They found a tiny sprout in the midst of the chaos. It was like finding treasure in the middle of a mess - pure magic!

And let's not forget the epic pillow fight that broke out! Their laughter filled the air as Angela watched her little warriors go at it with big smiles on their faces. It was like something out of a storybook!

I couldn't help but feel grateful for the opportunity to capture these precious moments. It's not just about the photos we took or the poses we struck; it's about the genuine connection and love that fills every corner of Angela's home. I'm really excited to see how we all continue growing and making more incredible memories together!

Enjoy this little peek into this sweet Mommy & Me at-home session!